“A crown can change your life for the better,” says Dr. Katrina Co, DMD.

Dr. Co has recently brought her enthusiasm for life, her caring nature and her clinical insight into the Refresh Dental family. As part of her empathic approach to patient care, she has provided an insider’s view into the dental crown process.

 A crown is a solution.

When your tooth that has a large-silver filling gets a cavity underneath, this can sometimes require a proactive approach. Removing that cavity can mean more than half your chewing surface could potentiality be removed. Your dentist must install a strong replacement that will last. This solution must allow to you chew for years, and it must have the strength to keep the rest of your tooth intact. This solution must look like a tooth in shape and color – that solution is a crown.

A crown is an agent of strength.

When your tooth hurts it is because the life-blood of your tooth (the pulp) is inflamed and dying. Your dentist can save the tooth by removing the cavities inside, opening it up and disinfecting the pulp. After that, your dentist fills the canals, where the pulp used to flow, with an inert material. The remaining tooth that is left standing needs to be protected and held together. Additionally, the chamber of the pulp needs to be sealed and shut against the re-entry of bacteria – that solution is a crown.

A crown is an opportunity for change.

When your tooth, after a root canal, changes in color, which is part of a normal reactive process, or when your teeth get worn from grinding or a lifetime of service, they do not look quite the way they used to. Your dentist can prepare your existing teeth and place crowns to restore them to a balanced contour, shape, and symmetry. For patients who have lost teeth, replacing them can mean placing an implant. After the site heals and the area is ready, your dentist can place an implant crown.

Once more, the crown will permit to enjoy your favorite foods without hesitation. You can laugh more spontaneously and break out into that big, new smile you have been hiding. A crown can make you feel like royalty.

Dr. Katrina Co, DMD.

Dr. Katrina Co, DMD

Dr. Co received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at San Jose State University. After years of working as a chemist in multiple technology start-ups in Silicon Valley, she decided to change careers and become a dentist. After earning her dental degree at Nova Southeastern University, she completed her general dentistry residency with NYU-Langone Medical Center. She holds licenses in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio and currently practices at Refresh Dental Cranberry.

Dr. Co resides in Cranberry Township, PA, with her husband and Cookie the cat. Her husband shares her interests and is working on a start-up of his own that enhances communication between dentists and labs. During their spare time, they go on day hikes all over Western Pennsylvania and are planning out their dream hike of completing the John Muir Trail in California.


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