When the time comes for your little ones to start losing their baby teeth, it can be a traumatic experience if not introduced with proper tone. Why not do so with a light-hearted laugh? It’s uncomfortable enough as it is, though most kids are just curious about what’s happening. When a kid is afraid to lose their teeth, it’s up to parents to keep the situation cheerful and positive. Finding fun ways to introduce loose teeth can keep kids from being anxious.

We all remember losing our first baby tooth. Many teeth with fall out easily – the roots of the baby tooth dissolve and detach, allowing it to fall out painlessly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially if your kid likes to wiggle their teeth. If the baby tooth seems to be hanging by a thread and your child is uncomfortable, it’s time to research fun ways to pull loose a tooth.

But before you start pulling, take a closer look at your child’s tooth. Wash your hands and wiggle it back and forth with a tissue. This is partly to check that the tooth really is ready to be pulled. Teeth pulled prematurely can bleed more, damage the gum tissues, and sometimes even lead to infection. If your child’s pain continues longer than a few days after the tooth falls out, it’s time to see a dentist.

How can I get my child excited about losing teeth?

To start, break the ice by introducing the idea of pulling a loose tooth. Money talks, and kids are listening too. Ease first-time nerves by explaining the tooth fairy tradition, and what’s in it for them. Ideally, tell this story before there are any wigglers so your child has time to get excited about losing teeth.

If you choose not to go the tooth fairy route, there are other uplifting ways to explain the concept of losing teeth. Remember, teaching your kid that losing teeth is normal and can be fun too. Chances are, they’ll ask you about it as soon as they notice it’s happening. Share stories with older family members about losing teeth. Laugh about it and explain the process; a what-to-expect crash course of sorts.

One common fear amongst kids and parents alike is the expected amount of blood when the tooth comes out. If the tooth is ready to be pulled, the blood will be very manageable and often not as bad as they think. One easy way to alleviate this stress is by showing a few fun teeth-pulling videos. Watching other kids creatively pull teeth tear-free is a good confidence booster.

What’s important is to just make the tooth-pulling process fun! When they start to lose baby teeth, it’s important to establish consistent care with your dentist. Most kids will have 20 baby teeth, and they usually start getting loose at around six years old. The first ones to come in are likely the first to go, so pay attention to what’s growing and when. For most kids that’s the bottom two teeth, but others may have their upper fronts grow in first. To parents who just pulled their first baby tooth, brace yourself – after the first one falls out, the rest are not far behind.


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