“I am an advocate for awareness regarding the importance of oral health that will give my patients a better understanding and acceptance of their treatment plans,” says Dr. Shweta Gujaran, DDS, BDS.

Dr. Gujaran has recently brought her vast life’s experiences, her extensive dental expertise and her cultural insights to the Refresh Dental family. Her sense of awareness, communication skills and delicate approach toward patient care allows for an insider’s view into the causes of bad breath.

Bad breath is affectionally known as halitosis.

Bad breath is one of the most common complaints and often we are embarrassed to bring it up.

The fact is, we all suffer from occasional halitosis. These normal functions, known as physiological, are easy to remedy by simply brushing and flossing more frequently. While bad breath is no big deal, especially when it is associated with “morning breath” or after eating foods like onions and garlic, it can become a concern when it persists beyond the common situations.

Use these tips to help alleviate the unpleasant reoccurrences of bad breath:

  • Good oral hygiene is always the best way to keep your breath smelling pleasant. Along with brushing and flossing twice a day, scrub your tongue to make sure you eliminate the bacteria responsible for bad breath.
  • Add an antibacterial, zero alcohol mouth rinse to your routine.
  • Staying hydrated, cleanses the mouth of odor forming bacteria.
  • Eating a balanced diet.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum may help increase salivary flow that helps cleanse the oral cavity.
  • Keeping up with dental appointments every six months to ensure oral health.

Persistent bad breath could be associated with other not so normal functions, known as pathological, conditions that are lurking behind the scenes. These manifestations could be the result of:

  • Dry mouth is often caused by medications.
  • Other underlying health conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, kidney problems, liver cirrhosis or a bowel obstruction.
  • Cavities that need to be restored.
  • Gum disease which may be related to periodontal pockets, calculus, bone loss, recession and eventually tooth mobility.
  • Misaligned teeth may cause food packing between your teeth that make oral hygiene difficult.

Don’t be worried! Schedule a visit with your family doctor and your dentist to help identify the root of your bad breath to make sure the source of the problem is diagnosed and treated as needed.

Dr. Shweta Gujaran

Dr. Shweta Gujaran


Dr. Gujaran honors our practice with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from SDM College of Dental Services, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University- College of Dentistry. She has also received advanced training in comprehensive dentistry. Her specialty in the field is esthetic dentistry, including crowns and bridges, along with veneers. Dr. Gujaran’s passion for her profession thrives from having the opportunity to give patients confidence in their smile, and better their oral health. She is extremely grateful for such a rewarding and humbling career. When not in the office, Dr. Gujaran enjoys traveling, painting, and photography.


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