Introducing a New Face of Dentistry at Refresh Dental

In our many years of practicing dentistry, we consistently ask ourselves: how can we improve the experiences our patients have at our Refresh Dental offices? Finding the right answer to that question sometimes involves more than installing a Keurig in the lounge.

Instead, we wanted to create the kind of office that patients and doctors dream of alike. We set about redefining a new face of dentistry starting with our facilities. The crafting and modeling settled on a modern spacious design with posh greenery throughout, and a touch of lavender scents. Of course, only state-of-the-art technology is used—enabling our clinical staff to raise the standard of patient care.

In a cottage industry like dentistry, the patient experience falls short of our needs and expectations far too often. By design, our new dental home concept aggressively reverses the patient experience from lackluster, to fully accommodating. From the moment you sign up for an appointment, our people have your back.

Our receptionist prepares the schedule efficiently before you arrive. Wait times hardly qualify as waiting. Managers staff each office with the best people to ensure we can handle our own ‘every patient, every visit’ mentality. The staff prepares the office each day before you arrive. The lights are soft, the lines are clean, the floors shine, we smile when we greet you because service is our mission.

Pictures below detail what we have just described to you awaiting your first impressions.




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