One Dental Home is a concept that merges specialty and general dentistry offices into one dental practice. By design, One Dental Home provides simplicity and convenience to Refresh Dental patients along with the increased clinical capability to the dental practice.

Having specialty dentists work alongside general dentists means patients will see decreased time spent between transfer to these different doctors. If a complicated case arises where a patient must be referred to a specialty dentist, usually there are several steps that need to be taken in a traditional dental practice.

First, the general dentist must identify the case and determine that a specialty dentist is required for adequate care. Then the general dentist must consult with the patient and refer them to a nearby specialty clinic—which sometimes isn’t nearby at all. Then, the specialty doctor must receive the patient’s charts, contact the general dentist for any questions and context, and then schedule the referred patient.

Think about how unnecessary it felt to read that last paragraph, now imagine waiting for that process to take place while you have oral complications that result in pain. Now imagine having all of these services streamlined for you. These two different doctors work alongside each other in One Dental Home, sharing facilities, access to charts, and share their cases over lunch or between patients so that they are fully in the loop when it comes their patients’ health.

One Dental Home combines the convenience of a modern practice with the expertise of a specialized doctor. Not only does it make sense when it comes to your time, but it also makes sense clinically.


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