Total Health Philosophy Focuses on More Than Just Your Oral Care

We are taught when we’re young that the thigh bone is connected to the… knee bone. As we get older we are taught more about the human body and how everything is connected. At Refresh Dental, we know that dental health affects overall health, and this is why we have developed our Total Health Philosophy backed by our Every Patient, Every Visit model of care.

Some of the discussion on this subject is ‘user-friendly’ and will sound obvious when we say it. Some of it, however, which we will live for you to discuss personally with your dentist, sounds too much like med-school for a blog.

This model of care maximizes the time a patient spends with us by addressing the patient’s total health. Total health philosophy involves monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, and using a thorough analysis of your entire health history at each visit. This process significantly increases our chances of identifying any health issues you may have—even those beyond the reach of dentistry—so that you can be taken care of sooner. And since we collaborate with your primary care or family physician, we are able to truly meet all of your healthcare needs.

In some locations Refresh Dental will take things a step further with something we call ‘One Dental Home’ One Dental Home. Here, dental specialists will be integrated into the office. It can take time to for a general dentist to refer you to a specialty dentist and in addition to how long it takes the specialty office to schedule you for an appoint. ODH streamlines this process. A general dentist can identify any oral health issues you may have, consult with you on how to proceed, and the office can already have you scheduled for a quick return to see our specialty dentist at the same location.

If you are ready to learn more about our philosophy or are ready to make an appointment, visit our location finder and reach out today. We look forward to meeting you and starting your journey to total health.


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